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1) Membership with the Central Fraser Valley Woodcarvers is open to new members (male & female) who may be new to woodcarving or with many years of carving experience. We meet every Wednesday night during the School term from September through the middle of June at Yale Secondary School;


2) Annual Members dues are $30, to be paid by cash or cheque (made out to  'Central Fraser Valley Woodcarvers") to the current club Treasurer in September each year. Annual dues are used to support the running the Club;

3) Prospective New members  are invited to visit with us on any Wednesday evening and see what happens during our weekly meetings. We also offer an extensive Library of research materials and knives to allow visitors a chance to try carving out before joining;

4) Our weekly meetings allow members to socialize, learn from each other and share experiences. We also offer courses and seminars in carving techniques and types of carving;

5) Our Monthly Newsletter allows all members to keep in touch and know what is happening in the Club;

6) The Central Fraser Valley Woodcarvers also hold an annual (judged) carving competition for both members and guests from other clubs on the Pacific Northwest to participate in, featuring carvings frome Novice to Expert. This competition is open to Members & the Public and all the information can be found on the "Art of the Carver" link found at the top of our website;

7) We also Liaison with other woodcarving clubs in both Canada and the United States. Members participate in other carving shows and stay current on Show & Judging Standards;

8) We also actively participate in the local community through our local Arts councils and other community organizations to help promote the appreciation of woodcarving as both a hobby, and as an art form!



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